I took Brazilian Portuguese lesson on my first two weeks in Brasil, learning new language at this age is really hard. My classmate Joanne on the other hand were good at it, she’s the A student and I’m the F student. Maybe because it was her second language to learn and we learnt it through her mother tongue language, English.

Portuguese is spoken by around 190 million people worldwide, 89% of whom live in Brasil. Brasil, the largest country in South America and the only Portuguese speaking nation on the continent. Brazilian Portuguese today differs from European Portuguese like the British English differs from American English.

Being colonised by Portuguese 500 years ago, the interesting part from learning Portuguese is that I found Portuguese words that we (my mother tongue language; Malay) used daily in our lives. According to Wikipedia, there were approximately 300 words stays in Malay. Below are the examples that I cross over from the day I arrived till today.

Brazilian Portuguese



Escola Sekolah School
Bandeira Bendera Flag
Sapato Sepatu Shoe
Banco Bangku Stool
Igreja Gereja Church
Mesa Meja Table
Garfo Garfu Fork
Queijo Keju Cheese
Ananas Nenas Pineapple
Janela Jendela Window
Toalha Tuala Towel
Limao Limau Lime
Varanda Beranda Balcony
Manteiga Mentega Butter
Sabão Sabun Soap
Armário Almari Cupboard
Bola Bola Ball
Doi Adoi (An expresion when it hurt) Hurt

Portuguese Class

Portuguese Class