My last day working in the reserve, I was assigned to join Agusto to collect new plants from the other side of the reserve but change to maintenance when we were informed Agusto will not be coming today. Together with Marinus and Patrik, we helped Don Mario to repaired the trails that was damaged due to the landslide. We were in raining season at the moment, there are few days that we did not get to work due to heavy rain. The rain was heavy comes with thunder and the river become vicious till we can hear the cracking sound from rocks moving.

The trail was partially dropped ten meters down into the thundering water, I can see cracks on the ground. I was lucky the soil is still intact when I crossed it, there were slight miss communication. I thought Don Mario asked me to cross but the truth is, he was asking me to get the hell out of the fucking ground, I was standing on a death trap, there were cracks running all over the ground where I stand. Don Mario instructed us to cut the upper cliff and covered the damaged trail. Four of us works like a land miner with hoe and iron pickaxe. Marinus is a Dane kid, young and full with energy. Physically thin but have high competitive attitude. I figured that out while the four of us hacking the side of the hill to make a new trail. He swing the pickaxe to the earth with grunting sounds occasionally with bad words.

“Die mother fucking earth, argh!” says Marinus loud outcry.

Whoa – slow down kid, you look like on a steroid.

We stop the work as the rains pour down heavy, I can see the clouds become darker and the winds speed increase. We headed back the common area and Tristan keep saying that he enjoy the work that been done and can’t wait to resume back.

“I love this job, it like working out. Feels like a man!” Marinus say showing pulling his biceps.

He did enjoy his job and we finished today’s work by noon after resuming the work when the rain’s gone. We all takes pride of what we’ve done and no one take it more than Marinus. He tells the girls of what we have done and ask them to check it out. Testosterone fueled stories of macho achievement, he might have exaggerate about the slope and the level of difficulties. That was my last job in the reserve, I’m going back to Cusco tomorrow and will be in school construction next week.

Later that afternoon, at the common area, Marie madly tells that Paula ate her anti itch cream. They were concern whether Paula might get sick due to the chemicals. I’m more concern Paula may get diarrhea and shit on people’s bed after this. But not Marinus, he mistakenly heard it was an anti aging cream, that’s why he said Paula will be find and nothing to worry about.

“Hello! Why would an eighteen years old girl would need an anti aging cream?” Marie ask with furious face.

“I don’t know, you with all the girl stuffs,” says Marinus with his innocent face.

“That why you so relax, thats why you said ‘she’s going to live forever!” says Marie.

I have a good laugh watching both of them arguing each other. Adorable.


I meet Jason at the highest Starbucks cafe’ in the world. He just arrived this morning from Chontachaka, accompany Julianna on the late night bus ride, he will be back to the jungle in a few days. We catch up with each others especially about his rafting trip and Reserva Chontachaka. Ramon may shorten his duty from six months to three months, Marinus may also shorten his placement due to injury. He slipped his hand when he wants to get down to the river.

“He cried!” says Jason and continues by laugh.

The last week episode come across my mind, the time where Marinus dig and hack the hill with his mouth cursing the earth. I smile and tells Jason the story and relates how the world got its revenge against Marinus. We laugh, remembering good times in reserva with hot drinks in our hand.

Never mess with mother nature.

View of Rio Kosñipata from the trail

View of Rio Kosñipata from the trail