Long time ago my aunt from my mother side happily married a guy from Brunei, migrated and stay there till now. Blessed with five children, since then, I have a cousins from Brunei. Been there four times, which happened to be once every five years, I recount, three out of four trips involved with weddings.

Although Malaysia and Brunei only been separated by invisible line, there are unique contrasts between those country’s Malay wedding ceremony. The most distinctive image emblazed at the back of my cornea was the table set up. The chairs been round up along the edge on the tent and there is only one table of buffet in the middle. We sat there chat with the next person while waiting for the groom to shake his hands with all the men under the tents. If if ten tents, ten tents it is, making him like a Yang Berhormat campaign for his election. We sit and wait for the groom finished his round and soon after that we all eat at the same time.

We had the meal by using spoon while the other hand holding the plate. Our hands moved, a few motions with plate at certain degree angle for the spoon scoping the rice. With little bit twisted moved, you became an expert using only one spoon to tear the chicken flesh. If you happened to be unathletic, try the fish, way more easier and sounds of kletak kletuk can be heard from all tents. My recent trip was few months back, I remember the sweet and sour fish we had, it was a big fish and there were at least ten tents I counted, every tents with that big fish, I wonder how the caterer could get that.

Only baju melayu and baju kurung. If you happened to wear other than then on the day, you will be mistaken as the caterer picking up plates and glasses. For the male, it’s not just the baju combine it with jeans or any pants, you need to be full attire complete with sampin and songkok. For the ladies, this is the time to dress to kill even though I hardly seen any latest fashion from them.

My uncle said the bride and groom have few sets of dress on the wedding day, it didn’t happened during the last wedding, I can’t recall if it happened on the first and second wedding I attended but I clearly remember the siram kaki at the dais. When the newlywed sat on the dais, they took off the shoe and put one of their foot on top of each other on a rock for the honourable guest siram their foot with water, almost like the merenjis tepung tawar.

Ah, how could I forget the karaoke session, the Bruneian loved singing, a lot. It started few days before the wedding till we all get back to Malaysia. On my third trip, they held up a mini karaoke singing competition among them and I was automatically registered as one of the contestant. I ran away, bunkering myself in my cousin’s room playing video game before I heard my name called from the karaoke arena.

Awang Hannan, sila turun!

I have been blessed to have this binuclear family to experienced, observed, slept, ate, learned Bruneian through their daily life and wedding ceremony. I miss their warm hospitality, the friendly people, the food, the late gossiping session at night. I clearly remember the time we played badminton from late night till we tired, I went straight back to bed without even consider to take a bath.

Within these five years from now, I’m pretty sure my another cousins from Brunei will find their other half and they better have a wedding band for me to sing rather than the karaoke set.

Table Buffet

Table Buffet