Before I came to a decision to leave my job, I did request for unpaid leave from my superior. It had many beginnings, the first; My superior put it on hold since we were on shortage of staff and soon after that, my superior transferred, leaving the status back to square one. Second; I move to new section and talk with my new superior, when the answer is not so promising, I decided to resigned. I’m not the kind of person who would push my superior to granted my request. Third; When I tender my resignation, the Human Resource Manager and I had a talk about what I’m going through, a quarter/middle life crisis. The Human Resource Manager looked skeptical about my trip, he was more worried about me losing my aqeedah due to long trip rather than the fact that I can spread Islam in small scale through practising good Muslim. He made an example of Ramli Ibrahim with his Indian dance and afraid that I would end up like Ramli. In spite of that, he tried to discuss with my head of department. Few days later, the answer doesn’t sounds good.

I’m not gonna let these things let me down, I really do need a break, I’m exhausted, I’m 30, I’m single, I hate my job, I’m slowly dying inside, I want something big in my life.

I don’t see my decision to leave as a negative or reckless act in this time where a price of commodities getting high and jobs are getting tough. It might delay the promotion, but there’s a better chance it will improve my career prospects and make it easier to land a new job. I don’t see my backpacking around the world trip might leave a big ‘gap’ on my résumé. I will include my trip on my résumé when I return if I ever want to back in 8-5 daily job. I will list job skills travel has taught me; independence, flexibility, negotiation, planning, boldness, self-sufficiency, improvisation. I assume it as a long big self development course that a company doesn’t have to paid for. I believe I have bigger chances compare to fresh graduates or applicant whose switching jobs.

As Pico Iyer pointed out,

The act of quitting “means not giving up, but moving on; changing direction not because some doesn’t agree with you, but because you don’t agree with something. It’s not a complaint, in other words, but a positive choice, and not a stop in one’s journey, but a step in a better direction. Quitting- where a job or a habit- means taking a turn so as to be sure you’re still moving in the direction of your dreams.”

Nonetheless, I have dreams to work on my on, but I keep my options wide, I’m definitely going to use the unpaid leave as leverage. I will spend ALL my money on this trip if I knew there is a job waiting for me when I get back.

Somewhere in my resting period between travels, a friend of mine said that the policy of my previous company had change about rehiring ex-employee. Previously, they don’t employed ex-employee. They have loss a lot of talent and yet they refuse to let ex-employee coming back. I guess they have change their mind…for now.

Sable Darting In South Africa

Sable Darting In South Africa