Sri Lankan late night, post night club favourite, Kottu. A humble street side food and now a national food on Sri Lanka, as no matter where you come from, how much you earn, what part of society you belong to, everyone needs it.

Behold the simple, delicious and gut busting dish. Diced veggies, raw beaten egg, chopped wheat roti bread and a heavy dhal of curry sauce. All cook together on the griddle, all being noisy pulverised with a metal blunt pastry scrapers. The clashing of metal on metal creates a very distinctive sound — Klak-Klak-Klak — the beat of kottu being prepared can be heard coming from any small roadside restaurant. Its literally like the Pavlov’s dog conditioning, when you hear that Klak-Klak-Klak you start to salivate.

Trust me, this is Sri Lanka.

All that's left

All that’s left

Kottu's kitchen

Kottu’s kitchen